What people say about Maureen

“Maureen Stone is a gift to anyone looking to grow.  She is an empathetic, smart, and driven thought partner, who simply makes others better leaders, executives, and people.” – Mike Ford, Director of Leadership Development, New York State Council of School Superintendents

“Maureen is truly a gifted coach, able to help her clients align their actions with their values. She is very focused on accountability and progress, while always attending to the client’s individual needs.” – Dr. Steve Uebbing, Professor of Leadership Development, the Warner School of Education, University of Rochester

“Maureen is a skillful coach offering an intuitive and empathic approach in her work. She engages and fosters a partnership which leads to establishing goals, direction and priorities. The result is feeling focused, motivated and confident in your work. Maureen, in partnership with you, instills a culture of reflection and continuous improvement. The results are profound and immeasurable.” – Elizabeth Skender, M.Ed., CRC (Certified Rehabilitation Counselor), ABL Consulting, Coach and Trainer

Maureen brings compassion, collaboration, humility, and deep listening to her MI training and her collegial relationships. She is a role model for her learners. With  expertise from her years in the education system and her new MI skills and “way of being”, Maureen is able to support and gently guide both the learners at her trainings and individuals who are seeking to grow in their personal and professional lives. – Cheryl Lynn Martin, MA, RN, Master CASAC, Integrated Health Trainer and Clinical Consultant, member of MINT

Maureen is an outstanding trainer, leader and champion of restorative practices. She is one of the most reliable and prepared people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She consistently maintains a professional, friendly demeanor and conducts herself in accordance with principles of collaboration, dialogue and mutual understanding.  She is appreciated by colleagues and training participants alike.  – Shira May, Ph. D., Executive Director, Partners in Restorative Initiatives.

Throughout Dr. Maureen Stone’s training experiences, she has exhibited a high level of skill and expertise in restorative practices, knowledge about how and when to apply them and competency in teaching them to others. Additionally her background in counseling further enriched the experience for the participants, providing another layer of social emotional understanding and growth including working with trauma. –  Mary Meissner, Educational Consultant, Violet Puma Enterprises, Inc.

Maureen A. Stone, Ed. D.  
Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
Member of MINT    Member of Presbyterian Coach Network