Coaching is for you!
No matter what pathway you’re on!

We want to guide you to your maximum potential, focused on your passions, desires and ultimate goals.

Thinking of your own passions, desires and goals, we can help you, especially if…

  • You may have great ideas in your head, but they have yet to manifest.
  • You may have talents, resources and support that you want to further develop
  • You may want more clarity regarding your goals, passions, desires
  • You may want to take action yet feel stuck
  • You may want a thought partner, some who will hold you accountable
  • You want change, transformative, that lasts.
  • You may be experiencing challenges
  • You may have self-doubt, questioning your abilities

Our Help = Your Benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved clarity of purpose
  • Increased change from the inside out
  • Increased focus on what matters most
  • Your plans, dreams and passion have a clearer pathway to materialize



Maureen A. Stone, Ed. D.  
Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
Member of MINT    Member of Presbyterian Coach Network